This morning I found my sit spot

sitspot1webThis morning I found my sit spot, ( )

Once I gave up on trying to think my way there, and simply followed feet, then sitting in the right spot happened simply.

The sun slanting in, the fresh quiet, after the storms of the rain and thunder of last night, after the storm of thoughts and image consumption. A seagull calls and the distant hum of traffic passing.

The rich colour of the trees across the valley, and a small bowl of warm affection for the town below.

On my way there I pottered around the veg bed; picking, clearing leaves, adding compost. I come across a tiny quartz crystal and am shocked by the weight and density of the thoughts sparked by it:

‘What does it mean? Should I dismiss it as it is so tiny, or conversely start to particularly value all that is tiny? Might I lose it? where would I keep it? Should I become attached to it? Not become attached to it? etc etc. How will I record this event, make it fixed and meaningful?

Staggering self importance!

…and now I will turn off the computer, and apply myself to plasterboarding the new therapy and workshop space.

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