Listening to our Workshops

It was great to run the Listening to My Body Telling My Client’s Story workshop with Allison Priestman earlier this month. It was surprising to be recently reminded that this is only the second workshop we’ve run together, as it feels very settled and solid to be working together.

I was struck by the willingness of participants to explore questions and uncertainties in their practice – it was great to work with practitioners who are genuinely concerned to offer their best work, and who were not interested in giving an appearance of ‘professionalism’.

I learnt a few things – that there is a hunger for the embodied aspect of people’s work to be supported and validated; that whilst people are willing to share, contribute and trust in a large group (17), I prefer to work with a smaller group; and that I need to be clearer that I am offering primarily experiential work, and that this is different to many people’s training experience.

Our next workshop will take the work deeper…

 Working with Body Process

28th & 29th January 2012 Bristol £125

Allison Priestman, Stephen Tame

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