Body Psychotherapy and Wild Therapy in Bovey Tracey, South Devon

January 2024
I’m taking time out of 1:1 work from the beginning of February until the end of October.
I don’t know what will gestate in this 9 months, though I do know that I’m returning to work at the beginning of November. I’ll be starting slowly, offering sessions to returning clients and supervisees – it might be the new year before sessions become available for new work.

During this 9 months I’ll still be available for a couple of  work-related activities:

-I’ll be continuing to offer Body Psychotherapy Weekends with my colleague Judith Salling-Ash.

-I will be part of the team offering an Experiential Body Psychotherapy Weekend with fellow Radix® trainees in the New Forest on the 6th to 8th September

-I’ll also be available for contact, queries and questions relating to the Embodied-Relational Therapy Training I’ll be offering with my colleague Allison Priestman in 2025…

Good wishes to you, Stephen



Psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to take some time out and make some sense of it all. You deserve to be met with respect, compassion and sensitivity.

We start by building trust, and exploring the strengths which help you  in your life.
If it feels safe and helpful to do so, we move onto addressing that which causes distress or trauma, or holds you back from living your life how you want to.


We work in a way which feels comfortable for you, this could include:
– talking and listening
-working with nature, either in the therapy room, or outdoors, in a dedicated space in the garden, or elsewhere – see here for more information on Wild Therapy
-bringing attention to body sensations, movement impulses, your breathing pattern or physical symptoms
-paying attention to what happens between us as human beings
-drawing, writing, making, sand tray work
-working with simple physical experience

We bring compassionate attention to what is happening right now, and support the  process of positive change.