Wild Therapy

Wild Therapy involves getting serious (and seriously playful) about your relationship with the wider world – to honestly explore the blocks, difficulties, joys and dilemmas of being a human in a more-than-human world.
We stay awake to the qualities, guidance and impulses of the ecological world – to play, to coincidence, to unexpected meetings, curious impulses and journeys of unknown destination.
We listen to and apply the rigour of the wild to our experience – pay attention to that which is spontaneous, unacceptable, disturbing or trivial.
We listen to body experience, internal rhythm, calls for quiet or for anger.

DSCN2483We can explore our relationship with the other than human – what happens when we walk in nature, grow a plant, dig our garden? How do we relate to the animals in our lives? Are we beset by fungus or invaded by ants?

We can work indoors or out, pay attention to the large or the small, take tiny steps or large strides.

I am currently offering Wild Therapy sessions at a nearby location on Dartmoor, or in the garden, therapy room or via online or phone contact.

beetleIf you are curious about or stuck with your relationship or distance from the rich world around you – call me for a free initial meeting to see if it feels good for me to support you to explore…

Some Wild Therapy moments:
– Taking my clients seriously as they mourn or celebrate their relationship with animal, with plants, with place, with rivers, beaches or trees
– Intending to support a client to work in a particular spot in nature, and us both getting interested instead in a human border, and in an approaching stranger…
– Finally seeing the rhythm and organisation of a river valley…
– In a therapy session, sinking into the chaos in a busy city street, and then finding the rhythm and order in the ebb and flow of traffic noise
– Wondering why the weather changes as my client approaches the window
– Waiting for a client, who has stopped on the way to take in a rainbow
– Getting curious about insects, bodies, and plants in a session

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