Psychotherapy Group


Update January 2021:
I will be co-running a number of linked therapeutic weekend workshops in 2021 here in Devon with Judith Salling-Ash – a colleague from Swindon . We are looking forward to the work. We will  be offering opportunities to enter into deep transformative body psychotherapy work, led by the facilitators, and supported by the group. These will be  therapeutic rather than training events. More information here:

If this is something you might be interested in being part of – get in touch to register your interest:

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(The original intention:
The group will meet regularly. The format will either be a weekly evening meeting, or a monthly daytime meeting. We will be holding the space for people to work on improving the quality of their lives. We will make a number of tools available to the group, and individuals in the group including: resourcing and regulating, solution focussed techniques, relational body psychotherapy, creative expression. We will also be helping the group to develop resources of mutual support. We will be ensuring that the group is a safe and nurturing community for you to work within.)