Body Psychotherapy weekends

Recent feedback:

“A deeply releasing and life affirming experience. Thank you”

“Just to say thanks again to Judith and Stephen for a moving, powerful and inspiring weekend.”

“I think the weekend has marked a turning point in my search for ‘self’ and opened new horizons and unforeseen possibilities.”

“I found this weekend to be very powerful and surprised at the effects of working in this way – it felt like it was possible to get to the heart of things as they are.”

“I feel I have met with myself in a deeper, richer way and been able to connect more authentically with others.”

“I felt it was very well held and this helped me in feeling safe and allowed me to go to quite deep places in my experiential body. ”

“The level of safety created enabled me to go deeper into my experience than I’ve done in the past.”

“Thank you for the most amazing powerful weekend. I have never felt so held and supported (physically and emotionally) in any therapeutic relationship before. “

Stephen Tame & Judith Salling-Ash are offering deep therapeutic process weekend groups drawing on Embodied-Relational Therapy and Radix – two strands of Reichian body psychotherapy.
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These non-residential weekends invite you to work with your process, and are intended to be transformative. We invite you to work at your own pace and depth with the material you bring.You will have the opportunity to work therapeutically with both Judith and Stephen.
Please note that these are therapeutic rather than training weekends. These weekends are open to anybody who is drawn to join us, though we ask you to consider paying attention to having sufficient therapeutic support and/or resource in your life to help integrate what can be a powerful and impactful therapeutic experience.

These weekends work well as either a stand alone therapeutic encounter or as an adjunct to 1:1 therapy. Our experience is that the resources of a group, over a weekend, can hold and facilitate processes differently, sometimes more deeply and powerfully, than within our 1:1 work.

Current neuroscience and leading edge psychotherapy is showing that trauma is stored in the implicit memory within the body.  These weekends offer the possibility of accessing and releasing or processing this trauma.

For Stephen, including Radix is something of a return to source, bringing the dynamism and structure of Radix into the work.  Judith is enjoying collaborating – exploring the differences and similarities between Radix and Embodied-Relational Therapy (ERT), enlivening her Reichian work.

Radix offers a rigorous model for making sense of our emotional/physical armouring  as well as the earlier softer structures, and gives us a robust confidence in a clear and raw approach to the work. The approach is intuitive and follows the process (particularly of the body) faithfully, within a strong frame created by clear structural reasoning and exercises.

Stephen writes: I’ve found that Radix has woken up my psychotherapy practice – I’m more relaxed and confident in supporting clients to work physically and robustly, and it has usefully shifted my focus slightly away from the relational between a client and myself, to recentralising the client’s experience, with the relational in service to them and their process.
I’ve found this very refreshing, and am really pleased to be co-leading this ongoing therapeutic work with Judith Salling-Ash. Judith is an experienced practitioner, and has spent more time engaged in Radix work than almost anybody else in the UK – She is a solid, compassionate, courageous therapist.

If workshops are unable to take place, we will refund fees, or transfer bookings to later dates where possible

. Please note that places are limited to 8 participants.

Body Psychotherapy weekend

Overview of the weekends:
-We spend a little time warming up – moving, stretching, some contact with others. There will be some time trying small experiments in pairs, and an invitation to share briefly with the whole group.
-We then move into two groups – one working with Stephen on the Saturday, and Judith on the Sunday, the other working with Judith on the Saturday, and Stephen on the Sunday. This is an opportunity for participants to work with their process, with the support of an experienced therapist, with the possibility of the therapist inviting particular support from peers in the group. This process might be quiet, loud, expressive, receptive… it might be moving or talking or being held…, depending on what is useful for the client at this time.
The Sunday afternoon we move back into integrating the work – some time in the whole group, some time in pairs…

There will be a maximum of 8 participants on the weekend.

Judith Salling-Ash:
Judith originally trained in TA psychotherapy and became interested in body psychotherapy and Radix specifically as part of her journey to come home to her own body. She works in private practice in Swindon where she enjoys the privilege of connecting with and discovering other embodied souls. Her work is influenced by non-dual perspectives and supported by current neuroscience thinking.

Stephen Tame:
Stephen Tame is a relational body psychotherapist, with decades of experience and enthusiasm working with clients and trainees. He is a member of the Embodied-Relational Therapy training team. He continues to learn from his colleagues, clients, trainees, other trainers and the wider world.

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