Sailaday Eco taster day

It’s been two weeks since I spent the day with Sailaday: and I can still feel it in the bones of my feet – I think the changes might well be permanent.

It’s difficult to write of it, as it was an experience which was one of integration, of the necessarily interrelatedness of the wind on my cheek, the push of the boat on my feet, sound, thought, emotion, sunshine, Richard’s steady quiet voice, past stories and future hopes.
Writing of the experience is like trying to name each of the droplets that make up a waterfall, but I do know that I still hear that roar – I still have that water flowing.
I’m left with a new sureness in my balance. I chuckle as I notice how spending time standing on the boat on the water has left me better connected with the solid ground under my feet.
The day has left me with a deeper trust in my ability to choose my direction, to take a heading, and relax in the movement towards it.

It’s a potent combination – being gently and quietly invited to pay attention to body experience, to emotion, thought and other experience, to relax and to trust, and to combine this with being in active physical relationship with the very real pull of wind, water, wood and sail.

I’m left with fewer words, and a richer heart – thank you.

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