Picture a body – what do you see?

Think of a body…..  What do you see?

“It is now widely recognised that our cultural habit is to treat the bodies of women, gays, people of colour, people with disabilities, children, old people, and so on as, in Elizabeth Grosz’s words, “modifications or variations of the (implicitly white, male, youthful, heterosexual,middle class) human body”
page 66: Embodied Relating – The Ground of Psychotherapy: Nick Totton 2016

It’s certainly true for me – when I think of a body I do immediately think of a white adult male heterosexual human body – no disabilities, no movement, no scars and in a disembodied state – no relationship to the world or other bodies.

…and these kind of implicit assumptions can be so invisible – they are so much the air we breathe that we do not see them.

…so it’s exciting to wake up to these assumptions, and to experience the world afresh – to have a wider, more inclusive notion of what a body is or could be, and to see with new eyes, and perhaps to be touched by sensation or smell or emotion, rather than to see…



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