Psychotherapy – a healthy practice

A colleague has been saying for some years that working as a psychotherapist is, in itself, good for us.
…and when I think about what I do…

I set up a clean, well-ordered, warm and inviting space, or I arrange to be outside in the other than human world.
I sit and meditate for 5 or 10 minutes.
I set aside my troubles, and pay attention to my experience; body experience, emotions, impulses, thoughts.
I bring my client to mind and think of them with loving kindness.
Then I spend an hour or so in a something similar to a meditative state.
I am alert, paying attention keenly to what I am seeing, hearing, feeling, experiencing.
I receive information, sift and let go.
I repeatedly bring my attention to the here and now.
I have my heart open and offer loving kindness. I allow all sorts of thoughts, sensations and emotions to arise and pass away, dipping my hand in to the flow to pause and bring attention to passing experience.

Of course this can be tiring, and is not all that is happening in the room, but how is this not going to be good for us?

Stephen Tame 2015

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  1. Chris says:

    Yes, I haven’t looked at it like that before, but I agree

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