Wild Times – new beginning

I’ve been feeling my way recently into loosening off the barriers between my life and work, and the natural world around.

Various things have popped into my life to catalyse – Nick Totton’s new advanced course and book “Wild Therapy” http://www.erthworks.co.uk/

…I spent quite a long time deciding whether or not to join the course, swinging strongly one way then the other. I’m now very glad that I have joined, and look forward to the first instalment…

I recently met Rosalind Jane Turner, http://www.walkingtomeetourselves.co.uk/# who quite appropriately invited me for a walk, finding out how she works was inspiring, and triggered me into feeling more deeply my urge to connect more with nature, and that in me which gets in the way. I found myself quite naturally and gently choosing walking routes which stretched my comfort, and brought joyful and inspiring reward.

Chris Smith’s exhibition at Dartington Hall; ‘Postcards from the Hedge’ http://chrissmithphotography.net/index2.php#/home/ reminded me of the possibility and value of pausing at the edge, at the boundary of the built environment/natural world, and simply noticing the beauty, the contrast and the connection.

I was reminded that the human is beauty, is nature, by Caroline Born’s exhibition http://creativedevon.ning.com/events/my-body-my-self-art-exhibition where I was also invited to meet and move in nature with a fellow human.

So… lots of invitations

…and the gentle challenge is to turn off the computer, go for a walk, and stay gentle with that in me which is afraid of the people I might meet…

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