Psychotherapy in Bovey Tracey, Devon

Psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to take some time out and make some sense of it all.
You deserve to be met with respect, compassion and sensitivity.

Therapyroom1 2015We start by building trust, and by exploring the strengths which help you  in your life.
If it feels safe and helpful to do so, we move onto addressing the stories and experiences which cause distress or trauma, or hold you back from living your life how you want to.

We work in a way which feels comfortable for you – usually talking and listening.

Other ways we can work together include:
-sand tray, drawing, writing, making
-working with nature, either in the therapy room, or outdoors in a dedicated space in the garden
-bringing attention to body sensations, movement impulses, your breathing pattern or physical symptoms
-paying attention to what happens between us as human beings
-working with simple physical experience

We bring compassionate attention to what is happening right now, and support the  process of positive change.

I have long experience of working with a variety of  experiences, including:
-Grief and loss
-Suicidal thoughts and feelings
-Shame and guilt
-Physical pain and chronic illness
-Relationship difficulties
-Betrayal and breakdown of trust
-Self harm
-Difficulties with self -confidence and self-esteem
-Learning disability
-Autism, Aspergers Syndrome
-Mood instability

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